2014 August Client Newsletter

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Issue 5 | 15 August 2014

Welcome to ESUPERFUND's August Newsletter.

On the 28 July 2014, we released the 2014 Financial Year Online SMSF Checklist. Since then thousands of checklists have been submitted and we have received lots of valuable feedback.

In this issue, we have summarised some frequently asked questions during the completion of the checklist.

We will continue to improve the checklist in future to provide you with a seamless user experience. On behalf of all ESUPERFUND staff, thank you for your continued support.

Mark Needham

Client Services Manager

Checklist Q&A

Q: How do I make changes to the 2014 online SMSF Checklist once submitted?

We advise that you cannot amend the Checklist once you have submitted the Checklist. Should you wish to update information in the Checklist, please send us an email with the updated information. We will update the accounts on your behalf accordingly.

Q: Why is the status showing “incomplete” at the Bank section even when I have completed all transactions?

We advise that in order to complete the Bank section, please ensure that all bank accounts have been completed including the bank accounts established by us, additional bank accounts established by you and term deposit details if any.

Q: What shall I do if an amount listed in the Contributions/Withdrawals section of the Checklist is not a contribution or withdrawal?

We advise that you will need to return to the Bank section and change the transactions coding accordingly. Please note that if you have coded transactions as “Super Contribution (incl. Salary Sacrifice)/Super Withdrawals(incl. Pensions)” at the Bank Section, you will need to provide further details of the Contributions or Withdrawals when you proceed to the Contributions/Withdrawals Section.

Q: How do I save my Checklist?

We advise that the Checklist is saved automatically after each entry.

What's Next?

what's next?



"We would like to take this opportunity to say how happy we have been with your organisation since we joined last September. Our sincere thanks for such great service."

"You guys are seriously good at your job. Every success and thanks."

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