2015 July Client Newsletter

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Issue 16 | 15 July 2015

Welcome to ESUPERFUND’s July Newsletter.

In this issue, we remind you of the key dates for the coming 2016 Financial Year, including the release date of our 2015 Financial Year Online Checklist. We also highlight some SMSF rule changes and provide guidance on the valuation of assets at the financial year end.

Mark Needham

Client Services Manager


Key Dates for the 2016 Financial Year



Release of the 2015 Financial Year Online Checklist

If you established your SMSF or transitioned your Existing SMSF to ESUPERFUND before 01 July 2015, you will be required to complete our Online Checklist to enable our office to prepare your SMSF's Annual Return.

If you are new to ESUPERFUND's annual compliance process, please visit our Annual Compliance page for detailed information.

Please note that the 2015 Financial Year Online Checklist will be released and available via the ESUPERFUND Client Portal by 31 July 2015. On release of the Online Checklist, an email notification will be sent to your registered email address. If you have recently changed your email address, please login to your Client Portal to update your email address at your earliest convenience. You may need to check the Spam folder in your email inbox if you have not received our checklist email by the release date.

We are also pleased to announce that the following new features have been integrated into the 2015 Financial Year Online Checklist to provide you with a better user experience and ensure that your SMSF meets all the compliance requirements:

    Additional Checklist pages for “Term Deposit”, “Insurance” and “Audit Compliance”
    “Additional Information Upload” function made available for you to provide additional information even after you have submitted the Checklist
    Detailed instructions on each page to guide you through the whole process

To ensure the on-time lodgement of your SMSF’s Tax Return, please complete and submit the Online Checklist by 31 October 2015

Checklist completion is the first step of your Fund's 2015 Annual Compliance process. Please bear in mind the above key dates and feel free to contact us if you have any queries.

What's New?

17 SMSF Rule Changes You Need to Know About

There are some important changes you should be aware of concerning SMSFs released by the Government. We have summarised these government changes on our website. Learn more about the SMSF rules changes today.

Do You Know?

Valuations at the Financial Year End

SMSFs are required to value all assets at Market Value at each financial year end as part of the annual compliance process. ESUPERFUND will receive the electronic data in relation to your bank and trading accounts if these accounts were set up by ESUPERFUND. However, if your SMSF holds other assets (e.g. physical metals, property and etc.) during the financial year, you are required to provide us the Market Value as at 30 June 2015 for these assets when completing the 2015 Financial Year Online Checklist.

Please follow the ATO valuation guidelines to estimate the market value.



Thank you very much. I really appreciated your client-focused support over the last few months. You always provide us the information promptly and sometimes do so beyond the call of duty. Thanks again, I am glad that I changed to ESUPERFUND and look forward to working with you in the future.

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