2014 June Client Newsletter

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Issue 3 | 15 June 2014

Only 2 weeks to go before we stride into the new 2015 Financial Year. In this issue, we have provided you with the key dates for the coming 2015 Financial Year to give you an idea of what you need to do for your SMSF.

Review of 2015 Financial Year Annual Compliance Fee - No Fee Increase!

As you may be aware our annual compliance fee is reviewed annually. Pursuant to our terms and conditions if there is a change to the annual compliance fee, the change will be notified by ESUPERFUND via our website. Fee Increases where applied will be in line with our aim to ensure our fees are the most competitive in the market on a continual basis. We are now pleased to announce that there will be no fee increase for the 2015 Financial Year and our annual compliance fee remains at $699. This is the fourth consecutive year our annual compliance fee has not increased. Further details about our Fee History can be found here.

Mark Needham

Client Services Manager


Key Dates For The 2015 Financial Year

Financial Kind Reminder!

As briefly mentioned in the last issue, we will release the SMSF electronic checklist on the Client Portal in late July this year. Funds established prior to or in the 2014 Financial Year will all be required to complete the annual SMSF checklist before the end of October. If you are new to ESUPERFUND's annual compliance process, please click here for more details.

To ensure the on-time lodgement of your 2014 tax return, please complete your annual SMSF electronic checklist and provide all the necessary information required by our office as soon as you can.


What's New

Term Deposit Application Is Made Easy

We are pleased to release the easy-to-use Term Deposit Application Interface on the Client Portal. Now you can apply for a term deposit, view your application history and track your new application from the Client Portal. Apply for a Term Deposit Today!


Did you know?

You Can Get Free Money from the Government!

If you earn less than $33,516 in the 2014 Financial Year, the Government will pay $0.50 for every dollar you personally contribute to your SMSF from your after-tax income before 30 June 2014, up to a maximum of $500. This means you can receive up to $500 from the Government by simply making a personal non-concessional contribution to your SMSF. For earnings between $33,516 and $48,516 (2014 financial year), the maximum co-contribution is reduced by 3.33 cents for every dollar earned over the minimum threshold, until it cuts out. Learn More Now!



Just a big thank you for the efficient way in which you have again delivered my 2012-13 Financial Statements in the same efficient manner as the 2011-12 statements. I think your system is absolutely brilliant and the way in which you gather information for completing Financial and Audit requirements is streamlined and easy to understand.

The hard-copy documents are professionally presented and I like the way I have access to all my archived financials, my Trust Deed, Investment Strategy and other documents from the Client Portal. My first BEST decision was to set up my own SMSF. My second BEST decision was to set it up with ESUPERFUND. Keep up the great work and the low-cost structure!

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