2014 May Client Newsletter

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Issue 2 | 15 May 2014

On behalf of all ESUPERFUND staff, thank you for your cooperation in submitting the 2013 checklist, enabling ESUPERFUND to attend to the timely lodgement of your 2013 SMSF tax return. Please be advised that the 2014 checklist will be ready in late July 2014. We would appreciate your continued support to ensure the 2014 checklist is submitted as soon as possible to ensure the timely lodgement of your 2014 SMSF tax return.

Mark Needham

Client Services Manager


Pension Withdrawals Reminder

A quick reminder about pension withdrawls

If you have commenced a Pension in your SMSF, you will be required to withdraw at least the Minimum Pension Amount (and not exceed the Maximum Pension Amount in the case of a TRAP) from your SMSF prior to 30 June 2014 to comply with the SMSF Pension Rules.

A reminder confirming the Minimum and Maximum Pension Withdrawal amounts will be emailed and mailed to you prior to 6 June 2014. Please contact our office if you have not received the reminder by this date.


What's New

Introducing the Property Depreciation Calculator

Introducing our new Property Depreciation Calculator

Did you know that you can claim property depreciation on your tax return for your SMSF property investment? We are delighted to introduce an easy calculation tool powered by BMT to estimate your potential claim. Calculate your potential property deductions now.


Did you know?

How much ATO Supervisory Levy do I have to pay for my SMSF?

The most frequently asked question about the ATO Supervisory Levy is why do I have to pay $321 to the ATO whilst your website states that the fee is $191 p.a. for the 2013 Financial Year?

The ATO Supervisory Levy was $191 for 2013 Financial Year and the extra $130 relates to the prepayment of 50% of the 2014 Financial Year Supervisory Levy which has been increased to from $191 in the 2014 Financial Year. The prepayment amount is a requirement imposed by the ATO. For illustration purposes please see the following table to get an idea how much you will expect to pay to the ATO in the coming years in relation to the ATO Supervisory Levy.

Established prior to 2014FY

Year Levy Payable Year of Levy Applicable
2013 $191 + $130 = $321 100% 2013FY + 50% of 2014FY
2014 $129 + = $388 50% of 2014FY + 100% 2015FY
2015 2016FY
2016 2017FY

Newly registered in 2014FY

Year Levy Payable Year of Levy Applicable
2014 + = $518 2014FY + 2015FY
2015 2016FY
2016 2017FY

*Extracted from the ATO website



I want to thank and congratulate the ESUPERFUND team for making the running of my SMSF smooth and enjoyable. Since I started a fund in 2010 you have made every step easy and clear, and answered my many queries promptly and patiently. Meanwhile the improvements to your website have been gigantic and have helped me learn everything I need about Super, and the annual compliance documentation has become easier to compile each year.

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