2014 October Client Newsletter

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Issue 7 | 15 October 2014

Welcome to ESUPERFUND's October Newsletter.

In this issue, we would like to introduce you to the ATO's newly launched self-help tool for SMSF Trustees, the possible impacts on you as a result of the highest marginal tax rate increase and the potential tax savings by taking out Life Insurance in your SMSF.

Mark Needham

Client Services Manager


ATO Self-Help Tool for SMSF Trustees is launched.

The ATO has recently launched ‘SMSF Assist’ to help SMSF trustees “find answers to SMSF questions”.

Topics available via this service include setting up a fund, contribution types, investment restrictions, benefit types, pension and income streams and winding up a fund. Trustees can simply type a question or keywords into the tool for an instant response.

Alternatively, you may wish to use ESUPERFUND's eChat search function, which is similar to SMSF Assist, for Frequently Asked Questions and Answers. eChat can be found at the top of our website.

Try SMSF Assist on the ATO website now!

Submit your SMSF Annual Checklist by 31 October!


If you established your SMSF before 01 July 2014 AND have not submitted the checklist, please do so at your earliest convenience via the Client Portal. To submit the checklist, you will need to complete all the sections and then click on the submit button on the “Submit” page.

Access the Checklist now.


What's New

Highest Marginal Tax Rate & Medicare Levy Increases

For the 2014-15 Financial Year, the highest marginal tax rate increases from 45% to 47% (before medicare levy) for earnings over $180,000. Marginal tax rates at other income levels remain unchanged. The medicare levy also increases from 1.5% to 2% after 1 July 2014.

This change may affect you in various ways such as your salary sacrifice strategy, tax on excess contributions, etc. Find out more.

You can buy mFunds through EBROKING share trading platform now.

An mFund product is an unlisted managed fund admitted for settlement under the ASX Operating Rules and available to investors through the mFund Settlement Service. By investing in mFunds directly through EBROKING’s share trading platform you have the opportunity to increase your diversification by accessing and administering a range of asset classes without the paperwork burden usually required to invest in managed funds. Learn More about mFunds.

Do you Know?

The ATO's SMSF News?

SMSF News provides regular information for trustees of self managed super funds, tax agents, approved auditors, financial planners and administrators around key regulatory and administrative topics, as well as any significant developments of interest to the industry. Information in the SMSF News is from the ATO and the Australian Securities & Investments Commission.

Subscribe to the ATO SMSF News today!



I just want to provide some feedback on your service, because I believe that a service that consistently exceeds my expectations should know how impressed I am. From the moment we joined ESUPERFUND, my husband and I have been incredibly impressed by the quality of service, assistance and information provided to us by ESUPERFUND.

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