2015 August Client Newsletter

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Issue 17 | 17 August 2015

Welcome to ESUPERFUND’s August Newsletter.

Our 2015 Financial Year Online Checklist was released in July and since then we have received lots of valuable feedback.

In this issue, we have summarised some frequently asked questions about the checklist, which may assist you with your Checklist submission.

We sincerely appreciate your support and we will continue to improve the Checklist in future to provide you with a better user experience.

Mark Needham

Client Services Manager


Checklist Q&A

Q: My SMSF was set up in the 2015 Financial Year and up until 30 June 2015 there are no assets or transactions in my Fund, do I still need to submit the Checklist?

Yes. You are still required to complete the Checklist in order for our office to lodge a Return Not Required Notification with the Australian Taxation Office.

Q: What shall I do if an amount listed in the Contributions/Withdrawals Page of the Checklist is not a Contribution or Withdrawal?

Please note that if you have coded transactions as “Super Contribution (incl. Salary Sacrifice)/Super Withdrawals (incl. Pensions)” on the Bank Page, you will need to provide further details of the Contributions or Withdrawals when you proceed to the Contributions/Withdrawals Page. We advise that if you wish to change the transactions coding, you can simply go back to the Bank Page and change the transactions coding accordingly.

Q: Am I considered a non-resident for Australian taxation purposes if I am travelling overseas for a holiday?

No. Travelling overseas for a short-term period is not considered as residing overseas for taxation purposes. For more information on Tax Residency, please refer to the ATO’s website.

Q: Can I still submit the Checklist if I do not have all the supporting documents yet (e.g. Annual Tax Statement for Trusts / Managed Funds)?

Yes. To submit the Checklist prior to obtaining all the documents, please select “upload later /email / mail / fax” under the “How will Document be provided” column on the Upload page. Once the documentation is available, you can provide it via the “Additional Information Upload” function. Alternatively, you can forward the supporting documents to our office via email, fax or mail.

What's New?

“Additional Information Upload” Function is available for you to provide additional information even after you have submitted the Checklist

Please be advised that you cannot amend your Checklist after the submission. If you would like to make changes, you can simply provide the updated information via our newly developed "Additional Information Upload" function.

To use the "Additional Information Upload" function, please click the "Additional Info" tab on the Checklist page. Please then follow the instructions provided on that page to upload documentation.

The "Additional Information Upload" option is our preferred way to receive any additional documentation from you, even for documentation which you selected to email / fax / mail to us previously.

Do You Know?

Detailed instructions can be found on each page of the Checklist

ESUPERFUND provides detailed instructions on each page of the Checklist to guide you through the whole process. To access the instructions, you simply need to click on the newsletter symbol located on each page of the Checklist. The instruction provides guidance on the following aspects:

    Technical guidance on how to use the various functions of the Online Checklist
    Explanations of some common superannuation terminologies
    FAQ’s for common questions previously asked by our clients

You may like to refer to those instructions if you have any problem in relation to completing the Checklist.



I would like to thank you for the management of my SMSF over the past years. I am grateful for the ease of access and particularly the way you respond to all queries in a polite and courteous manner, no matter how small they may be. No, I am not moving on. Yes, I do recommend ESuperfund to my friends.

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