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A Self Managed Super Fund gives you control over how your super is invested. Watch our video to see how it works.


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ESUPERFUND Clients can invest in a wide range of investments with their SMSFs. Find out what you can invest in with an SMSF.

Annual Compliance

ESUPERFUND attends to all your fund's annual compliance requirements. See how it works.


ESUPERFUND provides a property loan service to assist you in buying a property in your SMSF. Watch our video to see how it works.


ESUPERFUND offers pension setup and annual pension compliance services. Watch our video to see how it works.


You can take out insurance through your SMSF for the benefit of yourself and your family.

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ESUPERFUND has condensed its website content into easy to follow Learning Modules.

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Play Set Up an SMSF Video

Set Up an SMSF

Looking to Start a Self Managed Super Fund? See How Easy It Is!

Play Annual Compliance Video

Annual Compliance

Say No to Time-Consuming Admin. Learn How We Make Running a SMSF Simple.

Play Property Loan Service Video

Property Loan Service

Not Sure How to Use Your Super to Buy Property? Find out the Answers Today.

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Starting a Pension

Starting a Pension Doesn't Need to be Complicated. Learn How We Handle It.

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Fees: Fees relating to operating your SMSF with ESUPERFUND are detailed on our fee page here. When setting up a SMSF it is important to understand that additional fees may apply that must be carefully considered prior to making a decision to setup a SMSF including an ATO Supervisory Levy, Company Trustee Setup Fee (where applicable), and Investment Fees.