CommSec Options

Options Trading with CommSec

The CommSec Options Account is an additional Trading Account to the CommSec Trading Account established to trade CHESS Sponsored Australian Shares.  Importantly you can select to trade Options with CommSec only if you have selected CommSec as the Preferred Broker for your SMSF as part of the SMSF Setup process. To apply to establish an Options Trading Account with CommSec click here.

Brokerage Rates

CommSec Internet Brokerage Rates for Options Trading are detailed below. These rates apply to trades executed via the Internet.

Internet Trade Value CommSec Brokerage
$0 - $10,000 $34.95
Above $10,000 0.35%

Only you can transact and access the CommSec Account

Importantly ESUPERFUND has absolutely no ability to enter or transact on the CommSec Trading Platform. Only you as the SMSF Trustee can login and transact on the CommSec Account.

Accessing information by ESUPERFUND

At the end of each financial year, CommSec will send to ESUPERFUND an annual data file of all your SMSF Trades and Transactions. This enables our office to attend to your SMSF's annual compliance obligations. No records are required from you each year as we already have access to the data. It is important to understand that only electronic data files are provided to ESUPERFUND. As detailed above we have absolutely no access to your Account and cannot actually login to your Trading Account to access the required data.

ESUPERFUND provides No Investment Advice

ESUPERFUND do not provide Investment advice and cannot advise you on which Assets to purchase or sell in your SMSF. You as the Fund Trustee are responsible for making all Trading decisions for your Fund, based on your SMSF's particular financial situation and needs.

CommSec Account Queries

If you have any queries about your CommSec Account please contact CommSec on 1800 245 698. This is a dedicated number for ESUPERFUND Clients separate to the retail division of CommSec. Please do not contact ESUPERFUND directly in relation to queries about your CommSec Options Account as unfortunately we will be unable to assist you with your queries.

Derivatives Risk Statement

Clients who trade Options for their SMSF must prepare a Derivatives Risk Statement in accordance with current Superannuation Laws. The Derivatives Risk Statement details the reasons for the use of derivatives by the SMSF, along with an analysis of the risks involved within the SMSF Investment Strategy.

Apply Now - CommSec Options Trading Account

If you have elected to trade with CommSec as your Broker and once your SMSF has been established by ESUPERFUND, you can apply to establish a CommSec Options Trading Account with CommSec. Click here to apply now.

No financial product advice or recommendation

No Advice Express or Implied: It is important to understand that ESUPERFUND has not taken into account any particular investor's objectives, financial situation or particular needs. ESUPERFUND does not provide financial product advice or recommend any financial products either expressly or implied. ESUPERFUND expressly states that it does not recommend, represent as suitable, or endorse any financial product or service available through ESUPERFUND. This applies in relation to the Commsec Options Trading Account. ESUPERFUND does not advise or recommend that this product is suitable to a particular investor’s financial requirements or needs in relation to their SMSF. Any information provided in relation to the Commsec Options Trading Account is factual information only about the operation of the account and how data is made available to ESUPERFUND. Accordingly you should read the disclosures relating to the Commsec Options Trading Account before making any decision about whether the Commsec Options Trading Account is suitable for your SMSF needs. We also recommend that you should seek professional advice from a financial adviser before making any decision to use the Commsec Options Trading Account for your SMSF.

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