Fee Schedule - New SMSF Setups

Special Free Offer $
SMSF Establishment (for details click here) FREE
First Year ESUPERFUND Fee incl. Accounting, Tax Return & Audit (for details click here) FREE
ESUPERFUND Annual Fee after Special Free Offer $
ESUPERFUND Annual Fee incl. Accounting, Tax Return & Audit (for details click here) incl. GST
Pension Fees $
Simple Account Based Pension Establishment FREE
Simple Account Based Pension Annual Compliance FREE
TRIS Pension Establishment FREE
TRIS Pension Annual Compliance FREE
Ceasing a Pension (Pension Roll Back) FREE
Annual Pension PAYG Summary FREE
ETP Lump Sum Withdrawal Document FREE
Actuarial Certificate CLICK HERE
Member and Trustee Changes $
Adding a Trustee FREE
Adding a Member FREE
Removing a Trustee FREE
Removing a Member FREE
Other Services $
Death Benefit Agreement FREE
Income Activity Statement FREE
Taxation Queries FREE
Administration Queries FREE
Exit Fees FREE
Trust Deed Update CLICK HERE
Property Loan Fees CLICK HERE
ATO Annual Supervisory Levy (payable by all SMSFs)
Company Trustee Setup Fee CLICK HERE
ASIC Fee for Company Trustee CLICK HERE
Investment Fees CLICK HERE
Stamp Duty on Trust Deed CLICK HERE

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