Australian Share Trading Account

As previously advised, the Permitted Broker to invest in Australian Shares for ESUPERFUND clients is CommSec. The CommSec Broker option is discussed in detail below.

About CommSec

CommSec is Australia's largest Online Share Broker having commenced in 1995. CommSec is owned by the Commonwealth Bank and has in excess of 1 million clients executing thousands of trades daily.

BUYING CHESS Sponsored ASX Listed Securities

If you choose CommSec as your Broker when establishing your SMSF, then all CHESS Sponsored ASX Listed Security Purchases will need to be made using the CommSec Trading Platform. When you BUY ASX Listed Securities, the Trade will settle from the funds in your Commonwealth Bank Accelerator Cash Account (as detailed here). Therefore you must ensure that you have enough cleared funds in your Transaction Bank Account to cover the cost of the Trade.

SELLING CHESS Sponsored ASX Listed Securities

When you SELL ASX Listed Securities using the CommSec Trading Platform, the settlement proceeds will be automatically deposited into your Transaction Bank Account.

FREE Equities Research

CommSec provides its clients with valuable Equities and Research Information, absolutely FREE. For more information, please click here.

FREE Live Data

Live Pricing Data is absolutely FREE with CommSec. This is a major saving to you compared to other Discount Brokers who only provide 20 minute delayed Share Price Data and charge if you actually require Live Data, typically in excess of $100 annually.

Fees and Charges

For full details on the Fees and Charges applicable under the CommSec Trading Platform click here.

CommSec Trade Confirmations

When you execute a trade using the CommSec Trading Platform, trade confirmations will be forwarded via email and post for each trade. Confirmations can also be viewed and downloaded from the Trade Confirmations page in the CommSec Login Area. Please note that CommSec requires that all Trade Confirmations are mailed to you when you execute a trade. There is no fee for mailed Trade Confirmations for ESUPERFUND clients.

Is Trading with CommSec Safe?

Yes. All Shares purchased through CommSec are CHESS Sponsored and owned in the name of your SMSF under its unique HIN. This is a very important point and gives you peace of mind that your SMSF is the direct owner of all Shares purchased. Neither ESUPERFUND nor CommSec own any of your SMSF Shares and have absolutely no access to your Shares or in fact any SMSF Asset. So in the very unlikely event ESUPERFUND or CommSec cease to operate or become insolvent all your SMSF Assets including Share Holdings are totally protected because your SMSF is the direct owner of the Assets.

Straight Through Processing

All Trades executed through the CommSec Trading Platforms are executed using Straight Through Processing (STP). Straight Through Processing is where your order is sent directly to the ASX Market, without any human intervention. Some online brokers use a system whereby your order is sent to a dealer who then has to approve or reject it and manually enter it into the market. Obviously in times of market turbulence, this could cause significant delays in getting the order on the market. The CommSec Trading Platform approves or rejects the order and places it directly on the market.

Accessing Information by ESUPERFUND

At the end of each financial year, CommSec will send ESUPERFUND an annual data file of all your SMSF Trades and Transactions. This enables our office to attend to your SMSF's annual compliance obligations. No records are required from you each year as we already have access to the data. It is important to understand that only electronic data files are provided to ESUPERFUND. As detailed above we have absolutely no access to your Trading Platform and cannot actually login to your Trading Account to access the required data.

CommSec Account Queries

If you have any queries about your SMSF CommSec Account please contact CommSec on 13 15 19. Please do not contact ESUPERFUND directly in relation to queries about your SMSF CommSec Account as unfortunately we will be unable to assist you with your queries.

CommSec Login

To login to the CommSec Trading Platform click here.

Product Disclosure Statement

To view the CommSec Product Disclosure Statement including Terms and Conditions click here.