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Supercharge your super

4 ways to supercharge your super

As you approach retirement it’s natural to start thinking about ways you might boost your superannuation balance. We offer some simple ideas.

Set up an SMSF

How much money do you really need to set up an SMSF

To take control of your superannuation is not a simple one, with many factors to take into account. The minimum balance required to launch a SMSF is just one of these considerations.

ESUPERFUND does not upsize SMSF fees

Fries with that? - ESUPERFUND does not "upsize" your SMSF fees.

In today's world of add-on sales, businesses are always keen to sell more to the consumer. The purpose is simple - to sell you something you did not ask for.

SMSF super investment

How to choose the right super investment options

An SMSF can give you greater control over your financial future, and may allow you to build a bigger nest egg.

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SMSF investors

4 reasons SMSF investors can beat the investment professionals

Over a million Australians have walked away from regular superannuation funds and taken control with an SMSF. Here are four reasons why it may be easier than you think.

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Property investment with super

Looking to buy property? Why not use your super?

Did you know that you can use an SMSF to buy property through your super - and potentially boost your retirement savings at the same time?

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Property investment with borrowing

Must-know rules about property investment with borrowing

Regulators have loosened their grip to allow SMSF members to purchase property using borrowed funds. But is this the right strategy for you?

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low-cost SMSF administrator

“Free Offer” chaos in the SMSF market

If you have been considering establishing an SMSF with a low-cost SMSF administrator, you may find that the SMSF administration market is inundated with “free” offer claims..

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Low SMSF administration costs

Low SMSF administration costs are not too good to be true

When one offers an SMSF service at fees significantly below the competitors on an annual basis, it is to be expected that some potential clients may have doubts.

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Superannuation in Retail or Industry Superfunds

5 reasons for setting up an SMSF

Almost 1.1 million Australians having switched from Retail or Industry Funds to SMSFs. Now let us have a closer look at the advantages that an SMSF can offer.

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SMSF rules and regulations

SMSF playbook: Rules and regulations you need to know

It’s crucial to make sure you’re fully aware of your obligations and have the skills and resources to act upon them before you start your own SMSF.

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Make your pension last longer

How to make your pension last longer

We’re living longer than ever before, so how much super do you actually need and can you make it last longer?

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Setup a pension account in your SMSF

Your guide to setting up a pension account in your SMSF

A pension in your SMSF offers a tax-free way to draw on your super. You can start reaping these benefits by setting up a super pension today.

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The DIY fund revolution

The DIY fund revolution

For many people their super is their second biggest asset after their home, so it makes sense that they would want to take control of their financial future.

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Superannuation in Australia

Super in Australia

There are now a number of different funds where you can invest your money, with SMSFs becoming an increasingly popular option.

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