Property with No Borrowing

Australian Property with No SMSF Borrowing 

Clients of ESUPERFUND are permitted to invest in Australian Property where the SMSF does not borrow to purchase the Property.  This includes investing in Residential Property, Commercial Property, Vacant Land and Rural Land.

How to Complete the Purchase Contract

When acquiring Residential or Commercial Property with no borrowing, the Property must be purchased in the name of your SMSF.  The following is noted:

The Property must be purchased in the name of the Trustees as Trustee for the SMSF.
All Directors of the Trustee Company or Individual Trustees must sign the Purchase Contract.


If your SMSF has Individual Trustees (eg Barney Spot and Buffy Spot) and the SMSF Name is Spotty Superannuation Fund then the purchaser on the Purchase Contract will be:  Barney Spot and Buffy Spot as trustee for the Spotty Superannuation Fund.  All Trustees of the SMSF must sign the Purchase Contract.

Example 2:

If your SMSF has a Company Trustee (eg Spotty Pty Ltd) and the SMSF Name is Spotty Superannuation Fund then the purchaser on the Purchase Contract will be:  Spotty Pty Ltd as trustee for the Spotty Superannuation Fund.  All Directors of the Company Trustee must sign the Purchase Contract.


No additional fee is payable by clients who invest in Residential or Commercial Property with their SMSF with no borrowings. Our annual fee remains fixed at per annum. 

Accessing Information by ESUPERFUND

Rental Income and Expenses will be tracked by ESUPERFUND through the Transaction Bank Account where all income will be banked and expenses paid in relation to the property purchased. Where additional information is required (such as the Property Purchase Contract) we will request this from you as part of the Annual Checklist Process.

Depreciation Schedule

Clients who have acquired a Residential or Commercial Property in their SMSF may be able to claim tax deductions for depreciable items including carpets, furniture, fittings and so on. A Tax Depreciation Schedule for the property can be used to substantiate depreciation claims. Please note that the Tax Depreciation Schedule must be prepared by a Quantity Surveyor. A Tax Depreciation Schedule is a document that lists all the Properties Depreciable Items, their effective life and the dollar value you can claim against your SMSF Income. For example if your annual depreciation claim was $5,000 you will save $750 in tax annually (ie $5,000 x 15%). For further information on obtaining a depreciation schedule for your property click here.

No financial product advice or recommendation

No Advice Express or Implied: It is important to understand that ESUPERFUND has not taken into account any particular investor's objectives, financial situation or particular needs. ESUPERFUND does not provide financial product advice or recommend any financial products either expressly or implied. ESUPERFUND expressly states that it does not recommend, represent as suitable, or endorse any financial product or service available through ESUPERFUND. This applies in relation to Property Investments. ESUPERFUND does not advise or recommend that Property Investments are suitable to a particular investor’s financial requirements or needs in relation to their SMSF. Any information provided in relation to Property Investments is factual information only about the operation of the account and how data is made available to ESUPERFUND. Accordingly you should read the disclosures relating to Property Investments before making any decision about whether investing in Property is suitable for your SMSF needs. We also recommend that you should seek professional advice from a financial adviser before making any decision to invest in Property for your SMSF. 

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