low-cost SMSF administrator

“Free Offer” chaos in the SMSF market

If you have been considering establishing an SMSF with a low-cost SMSF administrator, you may find that the SMSF administration market is inundated with “free” offer claims..

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Percentage fees in superannuation.

The great % rort - Examining percentage fees in superannuation.

In all facets of our daily lives, we know how much we are paying for the things we consume. Everything has a fixed price and we decide if we are willing to pay that price.

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ESUPERFUND keep super fees low

Tonic for the sceptics - How does ESUPERFUND keep your super fees low?

ESUPERFUND embrace the technological breakthroughs available in all other areas of business and apply them to SMSF.

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Low SMSF administration costs

Low SMSF administration costs are not too good to be true.

When one offers an SMSF service at fees significantly below the competitors on an annual basis, it is to be expected that some potential clients may have doubts.

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ESUPERFUND does not upsize SMSF fees

Fries with that? - ESUPERFUND does not "upsize" your SMSF fees.

In today's world of add-on sales, businesses are always keen to sell more to the consumer. The purpose is simple - to sell you something you did not ask for.

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ESUPERFUND fees and savings

Understanding ESUPERFUND fees and savings

ESUPERFUND prides itself on offering some of the most competitive fees available, while offering valuable support for your SMSF’s compliance obligations.

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