Questions & Answers - About SMSFs


What is an SMSF?

An SMSF is your own personal Superannuation Fund that gives you control over how your Super Benefit is invested. An SMSF enables DIY Investors to make their own Investment Choices for their retirement. Please visit our How SMSF Works page for more details.

+ Who Controls an SMSF?

The Trustees control the SMSF and make all the Investment decisions for the SMSF. The Trustees are also responsible for complying with all legal obligations including ensuring that the SMSF prepares and lodges an annual tax return with the ATO. It is important to understand that the SMSF Trustees do not own the SMSF but are responsible for the administration, investment and operation of the SMSF.

+ Who Owns the Assets in an SMSF?

The Members own the SMSF. Importantly the SMSF Members have a proportional Interest in the SMSF Assets based on contributions and Rollovers made to the SMSF. This means that if one Member contributes 100% of monies to the SMSF and a second Member contributes no monies, then the Member making the total contributions to the SMSF will own 100% of the SMSF. SMSFs can have a maximum of 4 Members who must all be Trustees.

+ Where can an SMSF Invest?

Under the ESUPERFUND Platform you can only invest in Allowable Investments as detailed on our website. The Investments Allowed under the ESUPERFUND are extensive and cover all asset classes. By specifying what Investments your SMSF can invest in and also assisting in the setup of the accounts in most cases, ESUPERFUND ensures that your SMSF is always compliant with SMSF Laws. For more information on Investment Allowed, please click here.

+ Can I take my Super Benefit in an SMSF when I want?

When you establish an SMSF with ESUPERFUND you are in full control of all the Investment decisions of the SMSF. This means that you have full access to the SMSF Bank Account established for you with your chosen Bank as part of the SMSF Setup Process. As an SMSF Trustee you must ensure that Super monies are only invested for your retirement and not illegally accessed by you to be used for personal purposes. You can only access your Super Benefit for personal purposes when you meet a condition of release such as "Retiring" or reaching at least preservation age. ESUPERFUND makes fact sheets available to all clients so they are informed about how to avoid accessing your Super Benefit before you are legally allowed. Learn more about access to super benefits.

+ Who regulates SMSFs?

The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) regulates SMSFs ensuring that all SMSF's comply with Super Laws.

+ How do I change my Email Address?

To change your email address for correspondence, login to the ESUPERFUND Client Portal and update your SMSF's email address.

+ How do I change my Address Details?

To change your address for correspondence, login to the ESUPERFUND Client Portal and update your SMSF's address.

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