Brokerage - EBROKING

Internet Brokerage Rates for EBROKING are detailed below.

Internet Trade Value $
$0 - $9,999 $19.95
$10,000 - $24,999 $29.95
Above $25,000 0.12%


FREE Live Data

Live Pricing Data is absolutely FREE with the EBROKING Trading Platform. This is a major saving to you compared to other Discount Brokers who only provide 20 minute delayed Share Price Data and charge if you actually require Live Data, typically in excess of $100 annually.

Conditional Orders

Conditional Orders are instructions based around a set of criteria or market conditions (referred to as a 'trigger') that must be met before your trade is actually submitted to the market for execution. When the trigger criteria specified is satisfied, the Broker will submit your order to the market. Whilst there is no guarantee that the trade will be executed the aim of Conditional Orders is to protect your profits or ensure you do not miss trading opportunities when you are busy. By setting Conditional Orders including Stop Losses you can BUY and SELL ahead of time. Conditional Order Fees per order are as follows:

Conditional Order EBROKING Fee