CMC Rates & Fees

Brokerage Rates

You can trade Australian Shares CFDs for as little as $7 per trade, one of the lowest Brokerage Rates in Australia. Details of Brokerage Rates can be found here


You can trade some of Australia's most popular stocks with as little as 5% margin. This means that you can purchase $10,000 worth of say BHP for only a $500 margin. This gives you maximum leverage to maximise your returns. But always be careful because the higher your leverage the more potential for gains and losses! To lessen the risk many clients leverage more conservatively. Details of Margins can be found here.

Holding Costs

It is important to understand that when you leverage your CFD position you are effectively borrowing to acquire the CFD position. For example if you purchase $10,000 worth of BHP with a $500 margin payment, the balance of $9,500 is effectively being financed much like a Margin Loan. Details of Holding Costs can be found here


Brokerage is not payable on Index and FX Trades. The cost of trading is built into the Buy / Sell Spread. Narrow spreads keep your trading costs down in two ways. Firstly, a narrow spread means that your CFD buy price and sell price are close together meaning you need fewer ticks in your favour before you can recoup your costs. Secondly, the smaller the spread the closer you can place your stop loss order. Click here to read more about spreads.

Market Data Fees

If you want to trade or view our price data for share CFDs, you must activate the relevant market data subscription. Further details on how to activate the market data, relating costs and rebates can be found here.


Full Disclosure about the CMC Markets CFD Accounts can be found here.