How It Works – International Shares

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International Shares

Clients of ESUPERFUND are permitted to invest in International Shares. ESUPERFUND does not have any Preferred Brokers to invest in International Shares.  You are permitted to establish Broker Accounts to invest in International Shares for your SMSF with any Broker desired.  If you establish Broker Accounts for your SMSF to trade International Shares, data will not be accessible by ESUPERFUND and you will need to source and provide this data to ESUPERFUND annually.

International ETFs and Managed Funds

International Shares can also be purchased using any International Managed Fund or International ETF.  ETFs over international indices were launched on the ASX in 2007. ETFs can provide investors with a low cost and easy way to gain international exposure to both established and emerging markets while investors can take comfort that they trade and settle on the ASX just like any other share. Conventional International ETFs seek to replicate the performance of the overseas index and are traded and settled on the ASX in Australian dollars. As the current range of International ETFs are not hedged, fluctuations in the exchange rate can affect the value of the portfolio. The range of conventional international ETFs was expanded in 2009 to include a range of international sector ETFs. Sector ETFs can assist investors to build their portfolios to allow for increased exposure to certain industries while still achieving a broad diversification across companies. Popular ETF issuers include iShares, BetaShares and Vanguard Investments.