How It Works

ING Direct Savings Account

An SMSF is permitted to invest in Bank and Savings Account. Clients of ESUPERFUND are permitted to use any Bank and Savings Account for their SMSF. To simplify the Online Savings Account Application Process, ESUPERFUND has established direct arrangements with ING Direct allowing clients to easily apply for an Online Savings Account (“ING Direct Savings Account”) through our website.

ING Direct Savings Account Not Compulsory

It is not compulsory to use the ING Savings Account and you are permitted to invest in any Bank and Savings Accounts for your SMSF as desired. However if you establish Bank and Savings Accounts for your SMSF other than with ING, data will not be accessible by ESUPERFUND and you will need to source and provide this data to ESUPERFUND annually.

Monitoring Transactions

By using the ING Online Savings Account ESUPERFUND is able to electronically access the transactions made by your SMSF in order to attend to the SMSF Annual Compliance Requirements. No bank records are required from you each year as we already have the data. It is important to understand that only electronic data files are provided to ESUPERFUND. We have absolutely no access to your ING Account and cannot actually login to your Bank Account to access the required data. In addition ESUPERFUND provides a Client Login Portal to clients with daily data of all your SMSF Investments. Where you elect to use a Savings Account other than the ING Savings Account, we will be unable to receive daily data on these accounts, and in turn will not be able to report details of these accounts in real time.

About the ING Direct Savings Account

The ING Direct Online Savings Account is called an ING Direct Business Optimiser Account. This account is an "Interest Only" paying account and cannot be used for SMSF Transactions (e.g. to accept SMSF contributions, rollovers and income and to pay fees and taxes). The ING Direct Savings Account will be "linked" to the ANZ V2 Plus Transaction Account to enable you to deposit and withdraw monies to and from that Account.

Application Process

Once your SMSF has been established by ESUPERFUND and monies have been transferred to the SMSF, you can apply to establish an ING Direct Savings Account for your SMSF. To establish an ING Direct Savings Account for your SMSF you need to visit our online application form here and complete your details.


On receiving your ING Direct Savings Account Application, ESUPERFUND will forward you the applicable prepopulated Application for signing. The documentation will need to be reviewed, signed and returned to our office.

Interest Rates

The ING Direct Savings Account Interest Rate can be found here.

Processing Applications

Once your ING Direct Savings Accounts Application has been processed you will receive direct notification from ING confirming the Account has been established.

Accessing Information by ESUPERFUND

Data for the ING Direct Savings Account established directly through ESUPERFUND is electronically accessible by ESUPERFUND alleviating you of the responsibility of maintaining these records at financial year end. Importantly ESUPERFUND has absolutely no ability to enter or transact on the Account. Only you as the SMSF Trustee can transact on the Account.

Product Disclosure Statement

The Product Disclosure Statement for the ING Direct Savings Account should be carefully reviewed prior to applying for the Account. The relevant Product Disclosure Statement can be found here.

Government Guaranteed

The ING Direct Savings Account qualifies for the Government Guarantee. That is balances of up to and including A$250,000 in total are guaranteed by the Federal Government without charge. The guarantee applies to the total balance held in one or more deposit accounts by each legal entity, up to a maximum amount of A$250,000. For further information please refer to the Financial Claims Scheme https://www.fcs.gov.au/.

Setting up your Online Savings Account

ESUPERFUND has partnered with ING to offer the ING Direct Savings Account ensuring that clients who choose to use this service have Online Savings Accounts which are correctly established. This ensures that client Investments are compliant with Super Regulations. Clients who establish an Online Savings Account in their Personal Name to take advantage of the Higher Rates may be deemed by the ATO to have accessed their Super Early, which may result in severe civil penalties including losing up to 46.50% of your entire super balance. It is important to establish the account correctly, because once the account has been incorrectly established the breach cannot be corrected.

Straightforward Application Process

If you choose to open an ING Direct Savings Account, then ESUPERFUND will attend to the ING Direct Savings Account Application and Lodgement process. There is no need to fill in Application Forms, visit Bank Branches or provide documentation to evidence the existence of your SMSF. This is all handled by ESUPERFUND. The only requirement from you is to provide certified copies of your identification.

Funding your ING Direct Savings Account

Once the ING Direct Savings Account is established you will be notified directly by ING Direct. At that time you can transfer Funds to the ING Direct Business Optimiser Account by arranging an Internet Transfer from your Transaction Bank Account. This can be done online. Alternatively for larger transfers the transfer can be arranged via a Fax Authority that can be found here.

No Advice Basis

This Service by ESUPERFUND is provided on a No Advice Basis. Clients will need to determine if the ING Direct Savings Account is appropriate for their financial situation based on their particular needs.

No financial product advice or recommendation

No Advice Express or Implied: It is important to understand that ESUPERFUND has not taken into account any particular investor's objectives, financial situation or particular needs. ESUPERFUND does not provide financial product advice or recommend any financial products either expressly or implied.  ESUPERFUND expressly states that it does not recommend, represent as suitable, or endorse any financial product or service available through ESUPERFUND. This applies in relation to the ING Savings Account. ESUPERFUND does not advise or recommend that this product is suitable to a particular investor’s financial requirements or needs in relation to their SMSF. Any information provided in relation to the ING Savings Account is factual information only about the operation of the account and how data is made available to ESUPERFUND. Accordingly you should read the disclosures relating to the ING Savings Account before making any decision about whether the ING Savings Account is suitable for your SMSF needs. We also recommend that you should seek professional advice from a financial adviser before making any decision to use the ING Savings Account for your SMSF.

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