Property Depreciation

As a building and its assets grow older, the natural wear and tear that gradually takes place is called depreciation. The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) allows property investors to claim tax deductions for this depreciation.

ESUPERFUND has built a relationship with BMT Tax Depreciation, which provides tax depreciation schedules, allowing property investors to claim deductions on their tax returns.

The BMT Tax Depreciation Calculator allowing investors to calculate their likely deductions for property depreciation. Click here to begin estimating your potential claim.

BMT Tax Depreciation will work with you or your property manager to arrange a site inspection of your property and then complete a tax depreciation schedule outlining your available claims. Your accountant can then include this claim in your next annual tax assessment.

To request a quote for your investment property, or to make an enquiry, please click here.

For a free assessment of the deductions you may be entitled to, call 1300 728 726 and speak with BMT Tax Depreciation today.

To learn more about property depreciation, please visit BMT website for educational videos, answers to frequently asked questions and much more.

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