SMSF Investments

Super payout

Add $1 Million to your final super payout? It is possible!

A few simple, proven strategies can have an enormous impact on your eventual super payout, especially if you start early.

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SMSF super investment

How to choose the right super investment options

An SMSF can give you greater control over your financial future, and may allow you to build a bigger nest egg.

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SMSF investment classes

What you need to know about SMSF investment classes

Smart investment decisions can turn a modest retirement into a generous one. Choosing the right mix can secure a better return, and therefore a better future for you and your family.

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SMSF Investors

4 reasons SMSF investors can beat the investment professionals

Over a million Australians have walked away from regular superannuation funds and taken control with an SMSF. Here are four reasons why it may be easier than you think.

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Boost superannuation balance

4 ways to supercharge your super

As you approach retirement it’s natural to start thinking about ways you might boost your superannuation balance. We offer some simple ideas.

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Ethical funds

All that glitters is not gold – it’s green

Fund managers now realise that to attract this audience of socially aware investors, they must prove you can help save the world without sacrificing returns.

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Using SMSF to invest in shares

The benefits and risks of using your SMSF to invest in shares

When managing your own super, it’s important to look at both the benefits and disadvantages before diving into the share market.

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SMSF portfolio

Building your SMSF portfolio

One of the benefits of running your own SMSF is the wider choice of investments on offer, compared to a traditional supeannuation fund.

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Superannuation strategy

Future proofing: What's your superannuation strategy?

Every working Australian needs a super strategy. Here’s why you should start thinking about your superannuation now, and the key steps you should take to ensure your future quality of life.

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