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Why Choose ESUPERFUND as Your SMSF Provider

Here’s Why You Should Choose ESUPERFUND

Special Free Offer
Save !

Under our current Special Free Offer it is FREE to set up an SMSF with ESUPERFUND. The First Year's ESUPERFUND Annual Fee is also FREE. That is the fee to attend to the SMSF's first year annual tax return and audit. That is a total saving of !

Ongoing Low Annual Fee

According to the ASIC Report on Costs of Operating SMSFs, the average administration fee to run an SMSF is between $2,000 and $7,000 p.a. At ESUPERFUND our price is FIXED at p.a. To understand how we can keep our fees so low visit our article "Tonics for Sceptics".

Your SMSF Annual
Compliance Obligations

Your SMSF must attend to certain annual reporting requirements every year. These include the Financial Statements, Member Statements, Tax Return, and Audit. ESUPERFUND attends to these annual compliance requirements for your SMSF at no extra charge as it is included in our annual fee! What a bargain!

No Minimum
Balance Required

A common rule of thumb is that you should have $200,000 in Super Benefits prior to establishing an SMSF. In fact, there is no legal minimum balance to establish an SMSF. You can establish an SMSF with ESUPERFUND with any amount desired. For more information, visit our article "The $200,000 SMSF Myth".

Free Pension Services
Save $$$

When you commence a Pension in your SMSF, there are a range of additional annual compliance requirements. ESUPERFUND will attend to the Pension services absolutely FREE! Find out more about Pensions.

Extensive & Free
Learning Resources

ESUPERFUND provides an extensive Learning Centre enabling you to educate yourself about establishing and running your own SMSF. Our Learning Centre is being constantly expanded and updated to meet your education needs. Access our learning centre now!

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