EBROKING provides its clients with valuable Live Data and Equities Research at no additional cost.  Details are highlighted below. 

Live Data

Live Pricing Data is at no additional cost with EBROKING. 


A Watchlist allows you to monitor the performance of shares that you hold or are interested in. They allow you to view share prices and other information about shares.

In Depth Research

Access in depth analysis for the top 300 ASX listed companies, as well as detailed analysis of market sectors.  All research and analysis is provided at no additional cost to all users. 


You can apply over 20 chart indicators and measurements, all available at the click of a mouse. View candlestick, open, high, low, close (OHLC), logarithmic or dot charts. Indicators include fast or slow stochastics, moving averages, the Relative Strength Index (RSI) and Bollinger Bands.

Live News

EBROKING offers you comprehensive news and analysis tools so you can react fast to market movements. Get live news feeds to stay up to date with the latest breaking financial news. Also have access to information from Morningstar and Dow Jones, financial diaries and a stock filter tool, upcoming dividend distributions, a sector analysis table, both live and historic company news, and live ASX announcements.

Trade Data

See the exact time, quantity of shares traded and the price for every trade of your chosen stock over the course of the day, information that can help you determine if an unusually high or low price was an anomaly or part of a trend.

Market Depth

The EBROKING market depth tool is one of the most sophisticated in Australia.  See the full market picture.  Every buyer, seller, share, order and price level. The depth screen displays where your order stands in the queue, giving you flexibility to amend your order.

Market Data 

Live Pricing Data is at no additional cost with the EBROKING Trading Platform. 

Independent Research 

As a non-advisory broker, EBROKING cannot give you specific advice or recommendations on what shares to buy or sell.  But EBROKING does provide investment information articles and forecasts from some of Australia's leading analysts at no additional cost

Stock Filter

Use up to 20 different filters to create lists of stocks that meet selected criteria.

Share Calendar

Important dates are automatically flagged, including Books Close, Capital Distribution, Code Change, Dividend Pay Date and more.

Dividend Calendar

View upcoming dividends for all ASX listed companies, including ex-dividend and pay dates, cents per share and franking percentage.


See what floats are coming up, when they close, issue price and issuer details.

Analysis Tools

The EBROKING Analysis Tool includes major shareholders, peer analysis, a snapshot summary from Morningstar, historical financials, balance sheets, segment performance providing a breakdown of the company's operations by both industry and geographical segment and more.

Risk Management

When it comes to shares, one of the most important things is staying in control, even when you are away from your trading screen.  With the EBROKING Trading Platform you can pick and choose from the suite of tools and resources available to you when you are a customer including:

Unlimited Conditional Orders at no additional cost

Conditional Orders can play a big part in any disciplined trading and investment strategy.  With EBROKING, you can use them at no additional cost. Conditional Orders include stop losses at no additional cost, enabling you to select the level that will trigger the purchase or sale of shares online whenever you like.

Sign up for Alerts

For a nominal charge you can create alerts based on price, volume, status and news that can be delivered via email or SMS, as well as being displayed in the Messages area when you login to the EBROKING Trading Platform.

Investing IQ

Investing IQ Online is a comprehensive introduction to trading shares, and every new EBROKING client will get automatic access.  We start with the basics to help new investors understand what shares are, take control of trading and investments, and access fundamental information about the Australian share market.  For more experienced investors there's a wealth of staple information to help you trade with EBROKING.

No financial product advice or recommendation

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