Off Market Transfers

How to Transfer Shares from your Individual Name to your SMSF

You can transfer ASX Listed Shares held in your personal name to your SMSF by completing an Off Market Transfer Form (see below).  For example if you own 500 BHP shares in your personal name and you wish to transfer these shares to your SMSF, you will need to complete an Off Market Transfer Form (OMT) and lodge this form with EBROKING. In the Off Market Transfer Form you will need to list the Purchaser of the Shares as your SMSF. You will not need to specifically state which Member the shares are being allocated to. This is done as part of the annual Checklist Process. 

EBROKING Off Market Transfer Fee

A standard fee of $55 per Off Market Transfer applies with EBROKING.  For example if you wish to transfer say BHP, CBA and ANZ from your personal name to your SMSF this will count as 3 Off Market Transfers.

EBROKING Off Market Transfer Form

An EBROKING Off Market Transfer Form can be found here.

Important Information

The tax implications of transferring shares via an Off Market Transfer must be carefully considered prior to undertaking this strategy and are detailed here.

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