What is SuperStream?

SuperStream is a package of reforms under Stronger Super that are designed to enhance the 'back office' of superannuation, making everyday transaction processing faster and easier.

SuperStream provides standards to superannuation funds and employers regarding how they communicate, including:

  • Implementing the new data and e-commerce standards for superannuation transactions. 

  • Allowing the use of tax file numbers (TFNs) as the primary locator of member accounts. 

  • Facilitating account consolidation and improving the treatment of contributions made without sufficient member details. 

  • Establishing an advisory governance body to advise on the implementation and maintenance of the standards.

Does it apply to my SMSF?

All superannuation funds, including SMSFs, must receive contributions from employers in the new data and e-commerce standard.

If you are employed, you will need to provide the following information to your employer in order to meet the SuperStream requirements:


  • SMSF Bank Account

  • Electronic Service Address (see below)

Please also note that the SuperStream rules do not apply to SMSFs that do not receive contributions or whose contributions are made by a related party.

Notifying your employer

You need to provide the above information to your employer in any format (email, letter, etc.) or alternatively your employer may provide you with a form to complete.

If you commence work with a new employer you will need to fill out a  Choice Form with your SMSF's ABN, Bank Account details and Electronic Service Address ("ESUPERFUND"). The Choice Form once completed must be provided to your Employer and NOT to ESUPERFUND.

Electronic Service Address

As detailed above, when you notify your employer, you will be required to provide an Electronic Service Address (ESA) which will identify all the information relating to the contribution being made by your Employer including the Member Name and the amount of the Contribution. We are pleased to announce that ESUPERFUND is a registered Messaging Service Provider with the ATO for SuperStream and our ESA alias is ESUPERFUND. This means that you will need to quote the code "ESUPERFUND" when you notify your employer.

Benefits of SuperStream

The major benefit of this new SuperStream system is that information relating to contributions made by your Employer will be electronically received by ESUPERFUND and no documentation or information is required from you at financial year end. The electronic information received by ESUPERFUND will be displayed in your ESUPERFUND Client Portal. This process will greatly improve the efficiency of the annual compliance process and require less input from you. We note however that the new SuperStream system applies only to Employer Contributions and does not apply to personal contributions made to the Fund. These details will be requested from you at financial year end in the normal way.

At No Additional Charge

In order to be able to accept electronic information under the SuperStream system significant IT time and cost has been invested by ESUPERFUND on behalf of its clients. ESUPERFUND has decided not to pass on any costs to clients and has absorbed all costs in relation to the new SuperStream system on behalf of clients. This means you will not be charged any additional fees for using SuperStream.

What do I need to do?

We advise that you must provide your current employer with the necessary information as detailed above. Please also remember that trustees of SMSF are responsible for making sure that all the necessary information has been communicated to the employers and your fund is ready for SuperStream. If the employers do not receive the information from you, they may direct your employer contributions to the employer’s default fund.

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