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ESUPERFUND is a pioneer in online SMSFs in Australia and has helped thousands of SMSF Investors establish and manage their SMSFs since 2006. ESUPERFUND administers the aspects of an SMSF's compliance obligations, including the SMSF's Financial Statements and Tax Return. ESUPERFUND does not provide Investment Advice to clients as our clients are largely DIY Investors who prefer to make their own Investment decisions for their SMSF, rather than pay excessive fees to Advisors.

+ Who owns ESUPERFUND?

ESUPERFUND is currently privately owned. It is not institutionally owned. ESUPERFUND only partners with other large and reputable organisations, such as Commonwealth Bank, to provide its service at a discount to Market.

+ Does ESUPERFUND administer SMSF's for clients in all States?

Yes. ESUPERFUND are based in Melbourne but administer SMSF's for clients all over Australia. With the efficiency of the Internet and Technology in general, we find that there are absolutely no impediments to clients joining ESUPERFUND from other States. In fact the majority of our clients are from Interstate and have been clients for many years.

+ Is ESUPERFUND Licensed?

Yes. ESUPERFUND is licensed through the Australian Securities and Investments Commission ('ASIC'). Its Australian Financial Services Licensee (AFSL Number) is 340762. Find out more about our ASIC details. This ensures that you have peace of mind that that you have an avenue to seek assistance should you have any concerns with any of the services noted in our Financial Services Guide. ESUPERFUND is also licensed with the Australian Taxation Office as a Registered Taxation Agent, ensuring that your compliance requirements are attended to professionally and accurately. Find out more about our Tax Agent License details.

+ How long does it take to establish an SMSF with ESUPERFUND?

ESUPERFUND will forward documentation to you for signing to establish your SMSF within a few minutes after submitting the online application. Once you have signed and returned the Establishment documentation, it takes approximately 4 weeks to establish your SMSF. Find out more about the Setup Process Timeline.

+ Do I need a minimum amount to commence an SMSF with ESUPERFUND?

No. A common rule of thumb in the superannuation industry is that you should have $200,000 in Super Benefits prior to establishing an SMSF. Some administrators actually require you to have a minimum amount in order to commence an SMSF, usually $100,000 or more. Conveniently these same administrators charge you on a percentage basis which can add unnecessary fees to your annual invoice. There is actually no legal minimum balance to establish a SMSF. You can establish an SMSF with ESUPERFUND with any amount desired. For more visit our article "The $200,000 SMSF Myth".

+ What happens if ESUPERFUND ceases to trade? Is my Super Safe?

Your Super Benefit is completely safe. All SMSF Investments including the Transaction Bank Accounts and Broker Accounts are established in the name of your SMSF. This is a very important point and gives you total peace of mind that your SMSF is the direct owner of the SMSF Investments. ESUPERFUND do not have any access to your Bank or Broker Accounts either directly or indirectly. So in the very unlikely event we cease to operate or trade or become insolvent, all your SMSF Investments are totally protected and secure because your SMSF is the direct owner of the assets. It is important to understand that only you as the Trustee for the SMSF can access your SMSF accounts.