Questions & Answers - Rollin

+ How do I Rollover my current Super Benefit?

Once your SMSF has been established you will be able to transfer your existing Super Benefit to your new SMSF. The process to do this can be found here.

+ What is my SMSF’s ESA?

ESUPERFUND is a registered Messaging Service Provider with the ATO for SuperStream and our Electronic Service Address is ESUPERFUND.

+ What is my SPIN or Member Number?

Your SMSF does not have a SPIN Number or Member Number and ideally this field should be completed as "Not Applicable" in the Rollover Form. If however your current Superfund requires this field to be completed, you should answer this question with MEMBER 1 or MEMBER 2 or MEMBER 3 or MEMBER 4 depending on which Member the Rollover relates to. That is if you have setup an SMSF with your Spouse you would be MEMBER 1 and your spouse would be MEMBER 2. It does not matter who you allocate as MEMBER 1,2,3 OR 4 as ESUPERFUND will check which Member the Rollover relates to as part of the annual compliance process.

+ What is my SMSF ABN?

Your SMSF ABN will be issued to your SMSF by the ATO and we will notify you of this number immediately on receipt. As a general guide it can take up to 4 weeks after you have returned the signed setup documentation to our office for the ATO to issue the SMSF ABN. Once your ABN has been issued you can find it on the ABR Register here.

You may also refer to your ESUPERFUND Client Portal here for details of the SMSF’s ABN.

+ How long does a Rollover take to process?

We advise that you may contact the transferring Superfund for a detailed timeline of the rollover process as the processing time varies among different Superfunds.

+ What does "Complying Status: Registered" mean?

When you look up the status of your SMSF in the Super Fund Lookup the SMSF may be listed as a 'Registered' SMSF. This means that your SMSF:

  • Is treated as complying and is eligible to receive rollovers and transfers
  • is regulated, and
  • has not been issued with a Notice of Compliance or a Notice of non-compliance.

There is no issue with your SMSF having this status. This status means that your SMSF is a Registered Regulated SMSF that can accept Rollovers and Contributions.

+ What is a Notice (Letter) of Compliance?

Some Superfunds or your Employer may request that you provide a Notice of Compliance before rolling over or contributing to your SMSF. Please note that several days after registration, your SMSF will appear on Super Fund Lookup as 'Registered’. A few days later, the Notice (Letter) of compliance will issue and change your SMSF’s status to 'Complying'. You will still be able to Rollover your Super Benefit or contribute to the SMSF without a Notice of Compliance. If your Existing Superfund advises that a "Notice (Letter) of Compliance is required to Rollover your Super, you must advise them that this is not the case. In the event they continue to refuse to Rollover your Super a complaint must be lodged in accordance with your Existing Superfunds Financial Services Guide (FSG) or directly to the Australian Financial Complaints Authority on 1800 931 678 or www.afca.org.au.

+ My existing Superfund is asking for my SMSF Trust Deed. Where can I find this?

In some cases your existing Superfund will request that you provide them with a copy of your SMSF Trust Deed or extracts of that Deed. The SMSF Trust Deed was included in the original documentation provided to you to establish your SMSF and was retained by you. You will need to locate this Trust Deed if requested by your Existing Superfund as only you hold the original Trust Deed. ESUPERFUND does not hold your original Trust Deed or a copy of the Trust Deed.

+ My existing Superfund is asking for additional information about my SMSF. What should I send them?

When your SMSF has been established, ESUPERFUND will send you a "Final Establishment Package" with all your SMSF Details and a step by step guide on the rollover process.

If your existing Superfund requires additional information/documentation to evidence your SMSF’s compliance status, it can be found by entering your ABN here. A screenshot of the Superfund Lookup page should be sufficient for Rollover purposes. Other required documentation can be found in your Client Portal under the menu tab “Documents”.

In some cases, the existing Superfund may also require a copy of your SMSF bank statement to evidence that the Bank Account is held in the name of the SMSF.

If your SMSF holds an ANZ V2 plus account, you may login to the ANZ Online Banking to obtain the bank statement or contact ANZ on 13 28 33 and quote your account number to obtain a bank statement. If your SMSF does not have any transaction to date, you may provide your ANZ V2 plus account Welcome Letter as the supporting document.

+ My existing Superfund has notified me that the SMSF cannot be verified in the SMSF Verification Service. What should I do?

In order for the Rollover to be successfully processed, the SMSF details provided to the Transferring Fund must match the SMSF details held by the ATO. Accordingly, please ensure the following SMSF details have been correctly provided to the Transferring Fund:

  • SMSF Bank Account Details

In addition to the above, your personal details held with the ATO must be consistent with the details held by the Transferring Fund.