Contributions Reserving


It is an ATO requirement that Concessional Contributions received by the SMSF must be allocated to a member within 28 days after the end of the month. In an SMSF, all members of the SMSF are also Trustees of the SMSF, therefore a contribution is usually allocated to a specific member as soon as the SMSF receives it. However, if the contribution is received by the SMSF in June of a Financial Year, then the SMSF Trustee can make an election to allocate the contribution to a specific member in the next Financial Year subject to meeting all the requirements.

For contributions cap purposes, the contribution counts towards the Member’s Concessional Contributions Cap when the contribution is received by the SMSF and allocated to a specific member 

To implement Contributions Reserving, the SMSF Trust Deed must include provisions to enable this. The Trust Deed used by ESUPERFUND allows Trustees to implement Contributions Reserving.

How It Works

With Contributions Reserving, Contributions made in June to the SMSF will be allocated to your member account in the next Financial Year. For example, Contributions made in June 2021 will be allocated to your member account in the 2021 Financial Year. The Contributions made in your SMSF’s bank account in June 2021 will be placed into a Contributions Reserve Account (an accounting entry) before being allocated to your member account.

The Contributions are reported to the ATO in the SMSF’s tax return in the receiving year (i.e. in the 2021 Financial Year) and subject to the 15% Contributions tax in the same year (i.e. 2021 Financial Year).

However, the Contributions will only count towards the Concessional Contributions Cap in the year in which the Contributions are allocated to your Member account (i.e. 2022 Financial Year).

Personal Concessional Contributions

For Personal Concessional Contributions (i.e. Personal Contributions on which a tax deduction is claimed), the Tax Deduction must be claimed in the Personal Tax Return in the receiving year.

A copy of the ATO Tax Deduction form is required to be provided to our office as part of the Annual Compliance process.

Notifying the Australian Taxation Office

The SMSF tax return does not make provisions for Contribution Reserving automatically. To notify the ATO of Contribution Reserving, thereby allowing the ATO to apply the Concessional Contributions Cap for both years correctly, you must complete the ‘Request to adjust Concessional Contributions form’ here*.

The form can be completed and lodged with the ATO after the end of the Financial Year. The form can be lodged before or at the same time, as both your SMSF tax return and your personal income tax return are lodged.

*Due to individual browser settings, please note that if nothing happens when you click on the link, check whether the file has been downloaded at the bottom of your screen.


If you wish to implement Contributions Reserving in your SMSF, please notify our office in writing once the Contributions have been deposited in June.

Concessional Contributions Caps

It should be noted that the Contributions made under Contributions Reserving count towards the Contributions caps in the year the Contributions are allocated to the members.

For more information on Concessional Contributions cap, please click here.


Example 1:

Assume Barney is aged 64 and has made total Employer Contributions and Salary Sacrifice Contributions of $25,000 during the 2021 Financial Year (i.e. he has used up the Concessional Contribution cap for the year). He makes a further Personal Concessional Contribution of $27,500 in June 2021 and wishes to implement Contributions Reserving. He can do so given the $27,500 was made in June.

This means that a total of $52,500 will be reported in his SMSF’s 2021 Tax Return and attract 15% tax (i.e. $7,875 Contributions tax). The tax deduction for the $27,500 is also claimed in his 2021 personal tax return. Barney completes the ‘Request to adjust concessional Contributions’ form and send to the ATO.

The $25,000 Employer Contributions and Salary Sacrifice Contributions will count towards Barney’s Concessional Contributions Cap for the 2021 Financial Year as normal while the $27,500 made in June 2021 will count towards his 2022 Concessional Contributions Cap. In this case, Barney does not exceed his Concessional Contributions Cap for both 2021 & 2022 Financial Years. However, given he has used up the 2022 Concessional Contributions cap, he cannot make further Concessional Contribution during the 2022 Financial year.

Example 2:

Assume Lisa is aged 40 and makes total Personal Concessional Contributions of $35,000 in May 2021. She wishes to implement Contributions Reserving. Unfortunately, she cannot do so given the Contributions were made in May and must be allocated to her member account in the same Financial Year. Therefore, she has exceeded her Concessional Contributions cap limit for the 2021 Financial Year (which is $25,000) and will be subject to the Excess Concessional Contributions Arrangement.

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