CFD Benefits

Consider the following benefits in trading CFDs:

Benefit 1

Low Fees

The major benefit of CFDs is Low Fees. CFDs can keep your trading costs down with consistently low commissions and fees, and no minimum trade sizes. For example you can trade Australian Share CFDs from as little as $7 with CMC Markets. Index and FX CFDs are commission free with CMC Markets (noting the fee is effectively built into the Buy/Sell spread)!

Benefit 2

Powerful Leverage

CFDs allow you to access low margins and get the best possible leverage, giving you maximum exposure to the Markets. In fact you can trade BHP and RIO, two of Australia's most popular Share CFDs, for low margins from just 5% with CMC Markets. And you can trade Index and FX CFDs for even less, with margins from just 0.2% with CMC Markets.

Benefit 3

Risk Management Tools

You can try to minimise the unforeseen effect of sudden price movements by using the many different order types available for opening and closing market positions, including limit, stop loss and guaranteed stop loss.

Benefit 4


As a CFD Client you will also have access to a wide range of education. For example as a CMC Markets CFD Client you are welcome to participate in ongoing workshops and webinars, and have access to videos covering technical analysis, foreign exchange, trading psychology and risk management, walkthroughs and trading literature for new, intermediate and expert traders. All this education is available for the life of your account.